Louis XIII




Louis XIII is a cognac produced by Rémy Martin and owned by the Rémy Cointreau Group. The name was choosen as a tribute to King Louis XIII of France. He was the first monarch to recognize cognac as a catégory of its own in the world of eaux-de-vie.


Louis XIII speaks to an educated target, elite and who appreciates the exceptional. All features have to be delivered on the website though an aesthetic that is rich in details but never overwhelming and an experience that communicates the product while highlighting the value of Louis XIII — time.



Client who engage with Louis XIII find a unique experience that tells the story of Louis XIII as a brand, as a product, and as crafters of excellence.

We focused on time as a measurement of excellence and how Louis XIII masters it — Think a Century Ahead — to deliver a desirable luxury experience for clients that more than appreciate, crave excellence — The Chosen One. A story that accompanies the client throughout their journey (from awareness to advocacy) and immerse them in the Louis XIII universe.


I worked under the lead of the head of design and with an art director.

As I was at junior level, I followed the instructions of the leads on this project, worked on packshots, made some small changes on various screens from UX/UI perspectives, and gave design recommandations to developers.

This project was interesting and showed me the importance of little details.

Thanks for reading.


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