Royal Canin


The aim is not to sell kibbles but to demonstrate the expertise of Royal Canin and show how the brand can help you with a pet, understand its life, its behaviour and even help with its little problems.


Created in 1968 by Jean Cathary, a french veterinarian, after the discovery that he could alleviate skin and coat diseases with a new food of hiw own creation.

Royal Canin sells food (kibbles & food spreads) for all types of dogs or cats (puppie, kitten, old, sterilised, overweight, classic adult, etc.).


All is about "Revelation".

We have created an immersive and emotional discovery experience that allow pet owners and pet lovers to better understand their little friends.


Users can understand and gain skills to decode pet's language.


Visitors can understand how their pets perceive human signals.

Data centric

The brand can collect live datas about clients' knowledge.



My first mission was to imagine with an Art Director how to demonstrate the expertise of Royal Canin about dogs and cats.

The visitor is asked to answer a question. Depending on the answer, we tell him if he is right or wrong and give him more information about the subject.

Disclaimer : I haven't made the prototype, he made it

Scientific but accessible

Royal Canin has a scientific and precise approach to understand the needs of pets.

Intelligent but fun

Visitor are invited to play. True or false is not the point. The objective is to encourage progress.

Static but alive

The screen is alive: nothing is still. The information is relevant to the visitor.


My second task was to create a scenography that highlighted the wide range of Royal Canin pet food.

The visitor is in front of two screens. A big one, fixed on the wall that shows (a lot of) kibbles, and a tactile one which serve as a remote control.

Immersive and endless

The scene extends from all side of the screen to reinforce the impression of wideness.

Eat and care

Assert Royal Canin's mastery of animals (physical, physiological, nutritional) and present its kibbles in details.

Tailor-made food

Show a wide range, offer tailored advices and go further online, enhance the brand's premium service.


It was the first time I worked on a spatial and phygital experience.

I really enjoyed working on this project which combined branding, physical movement and phygital interaction.

I was responsible for understanding the subject and translating it into an interface. I worked with a spatial designer, two art directors and a UI designer to create a sensory experience on Figma prototypes.

My work was about strategic thinking, user-journey, wireframes and recommandations.

Thanks for reading.


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