Paris Aéroport


In 2018, Paris Aéroport initiated a new digital experience connecting all the airport services and commercial facilities.


Paris Aéroport operates the three Paris commercial airports. According to Wikipedia those aiports altogether are the first gate to Paris for more than 100 million travelers in 2018.

Paris Orly (ORY)

33.120.685 passengers in 2018.

Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG)

72.229.723 passengers in 2018.

Paris Le Bourget (LBG)

57.295 passengers in 2018.


With the data collected (according to the users' behaviour, the information they share and where they are on the website) we imagined taylor-made journeys. The services of Paris Aéroport are naturally integrated into the existing routes in order to offer the right service at the right time.

Design challenge

We worked to set-up a service-oriented posture. The purpose was to invite the users to express their needs and accompany them in the discovery of the services. We identified three major profiles for Paris Airport's customers.

Frequent Flyer

The customers take the plane like we take a train. They seek to optimize time and comfort.

Occasional traveler

The user doesn't know the airport well. They need to be guided and reassured.


Friends and families who come to pick-up or drop a traveler. They need live information.

If I had to sum up the business of an airport in one word, I would say it's a huge parking facility : aircrafts park on one side, car parking on the other.

Parking reservation

The car park account for more than 50% of the revenue. Therfore there was a very high level of intention on this side of the business and how the new website was going to deal with it.

In order to create one template to all three airports, I had ti analyze and rationalize the parking offers accross facilities.

UX/UI Design

Once I was sure that I had understood Paris Airport's customers and its parking offers, I began to sketch and imagine interfaces through hi-fi wireframes. This work was carried out under the sight of the agency's data team in order to frame the data collection and anticipate all the use-cases.

In a second phase, i worked with an Art Director to express the brand and make the user experience thorough.


More users use the website, more analysis of paths and behavioural data enable Paris Aéroport to package services and create an exclusive, hyper-personalized all-in offer.

I was responsible of the production: personas, benchmark, audits, understanding of the offer, wireframes, user-flows, user-journey.

This project was very instructive due to its complexity and the diversity of Paris Aéroport's offers.

Thanks for reading.


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