Hiking in Ouareau Forest Regional Park

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Spring in Quebec is a strange time of year. It's rainy and sunny, hot and cold, and you're never quite sure what to wear. The only thing you know for sure is that 90% of the parks are closed between winter and summer, but it's really hard to know which ones are closed.

Chose where we want to hike

We have to prepare something, ideally less than 3 hours from Montreal. Thanks to the SEPAQ website and AllTrails, we find a lot of information about the parks and mountains in the area we are looking for.

Here is a shortlist of what we explored : Mont-Mégantic National Park (too far), Mont Pinacle (rain), Mont Tremblan national park (closed), Ouareau Forest regional park (cloudy), Parc national de Plaisance (rain)...

You don't need to see the complete list of our exploration on Google Maps and AllTrail to understand the complexity of the situation. Following our researches, we tried to disminish the risks

Sentier du Massif
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Ouareau Forest Regional Park

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Snapshots of the day

In my opinion, defining where to hike is the most complicated thing to do during spring season in Québec. You have to prepare different plans as the weather is quite uncertain.

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